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For an unforgettable night

de Sede raises its leather expertise to a new level with the launch of DS-1155, a box spring bed in de Sede’s most famous leather, NECK. This cowhide, which is up to 5 mm thick, is unique in the world. A matt surface and deep, striking neck folds give the leather its character, elevating it to the Rolls Royce of leathers.

Impressive NECK is particularly generous on DS-1155: the whole bed is precisely and skillfully wrapped in it. The striking folds of the leather are especially beautiful on the bedhead section. The transitions from the bedhead to the mattress are equally successful, and here are seen in luxurious folds, the likes of which have never been seen before on the market. To counter the strength of the massive leather, the bed construction tapers towards the floor. The result of this is that the bedstead looks as if it were floating – ready to transport you to the land of dreams.

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Material & colors

  • NECK



Natural Nappa leather


up to 5 mm


An innate natural quality with an incomparably distinctive, even rustic, aura; it is a true eye-catcher – simply incomparable. A cover made from NECK requires an entire section of hide for each back, side and seating element. When joined, it creates a so-called optical stitch seam: a piece of art from de Sede craftspeople that requires unsurpassed skill.

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