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  • DS-47

  • DS-47


de Sede Design Team

An unmistakable appearance with 5 mm-thick Neck leather and distinctive skin creases – a classic that has made a major contribution to de Sede’s worldwide reputation and exhibits the unrivalled traditional craftsmanship of de Sede. The leather is laid on in one piece, from the outside and working inward. The SEDEX combination with a thicker non-woven cover provides high seating comfort. Available as a two, two-and-a-half and three-seater sofa, an armchair and a stool.


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Leather & colors

  • NECK



Natural Nappa leather


up to 5 mm


An innate natural quality with an incomparably distinctive, even rustic, aura; it is a true eye-catcher – simply incomparable. A cover made from NECK requires an entire section of hide for each back, side and seating element. When joined, it creates a so-called optical stitch seam: a piece of art from de Sede craftspeople that requires unsurpassed skill.

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