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Bruno Fattorini

The dining table series DS-777 by Bruno Fattorini is concentrated on a simple, reduced form: four stable corner legs carry the distinctive table top, which can be up to four meters long. The focus lies on the materials giving the table a revolutionary aspect.

Italian designer Bruno Fattorini created the design. In 2009, Fattorini co-founded the design studio Bruno Fattorini & Partners with the industrial designer Robert Rizzini in Milan.
The studio creates designs for international manufacturers. The designs stand for classic and colourless simplicity.
“Siamo tornando a far splendere le stelle“, was Bruno Fattorini‘s wish that marked the beginning of the cooperation with de Sede. “ I would like to build a table for you“, was his plan. Thereby, Fattorini didn’t mean a normal table, but rather
a table that functions as a canvas for him to play on.
Fattorini created innovative materials, enabling the implementation of unprecedented products. Due to the intelligent and meticulously designed mix of materials, the table can be produced in unusually long and wide dimensions, while remaining stable and incomparably pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the DS-777 series, table lovers with big minds will be able to fulfil their furnishing wishes.   

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Material & colors

  • TELA


The surfaces of TELA are coated with mixtures of stone or metal. Due to an intelligent and meticulously designed mix of materials the finished table tops function as a canvas to play on.

metal brass
metal iron
marble carrara
stone coral
stone jade
stone lapislazuli
marble beligan blue


DS-777 Model Sheet (PDF - 399 KB)

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