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Our leather

Quality as a foundation

de Sede uses the highest-quality leather – strong, firm and durable, yet soft and pleasant. Uniquely created by nature with its pattern of pores, grain, surface structure and folds. This is why de Sede's success is directly connected with the legendary quality of the leather.

Selection, storage and care in the processing of our different qualities of leather play an even more important role.

You can tell quality furniture leather simply by touching it: soft and pleasant in the hand, the animal hide is supple and smooth to the touch.

Large leather hides are needed to produce such exclusive leather furniture. These come mainly from cattle breeds raised under the best conditions for meat production, especially in Switzerland, southern Germany and Scandinavia. Only a fraction of the hide that is without blemishes, scars or even insect bites is suitable for manufacturing first-rate furniture.

With the right tanning, the hide becomes leather that is particularly soft and supple, yet durable – also known as Nappa leather. Using an ancient, chemical process, the animal's skin is preserved and made durable. Subsequent dyeing and finishing transforms the leather into the material we know and love.

The leather is separated into the desired thickness according to the intended application. The most valuable split is the upper leather with its natural grain of the skin because the fibrous structure in the skin's upper or outer layer is significantly thicker and therefore more resistant to tearing. de Sede only uses full leather with the natural grain side up to a thickness of 5 mm, making it one of the few manufacturers in the world that can process and offer the 5 mm thick skin under the name "Neck".

de Sede offers eight different qualities of leather:


Elegant in appearance, particularly durable, less sensitive to humidity, spots and light exposure thanks to an easy-care finish. Living unites practical considerations with a high aesthetic.


Meticulous processing preserves the natural quality – with a characteristic pattern of creases, grain and pores. After tanning, it is dyed with a special finish to maintain the natural aura while also offering improved protection. It undergoes visible ageing, lending it an endearing patina.


One-of-a-kind thanks to the authentic structure and silky sheen of the untreated skin – a leather that cannot be more original or of better quality. Particularly fine and intensive in its unparalleled feel. The ageing process creates an especially authentic and exquisite patina.


Unquestionably the most authentic form, a leather possessing all the positive properties of the natural material – exceptionally soft and supple and with an almost silky feel. Its original character is emphasised by subtle differences in colour intensity. Naturale undergoes visible ageing and over the years and takes on a distinct patina – a surface with a story and personality.


Full-grain, unique in its pattern of pores, grain and surface structure – strong, firm, durable, form- and colourfast, yet also soft and pleasant. Striking for its extra durability and maintaining its value. The open porosity makes it especially breathable and able to regulate temperature.


An innate natural quality with an incomparably distinctive, even rustic, aura; it is a true eye-catcher – simply incomparable. A cover made from NECK requires an entire section of hide for each back, side and seating element. When joined, it creates a so-called optical stitch seam: a piece of art from de Sede craftspeople that requires unsurpassed skill.


Colours can make a piece of furniture look completely different, while also having a significant influence on a room's ambiance. With Coloral, de Sede offers the opportunity to choose from over 2,000 NCS/RAL colours and is capable of filling almost all colour wishes – from fashionable, trendy colours to new nuanced classic tones and more esoteric tastes.


Strong, firm and durable. The saddle leather is uniquely created by nature with its pattern of pores, grain and surface structure. Its qualities make it suitable for compact seating pieces or backrests as well as smooth surfaces such as bodies and sides.

By the way: for each piece of leather furniture that leaves our factory, de Sede professionally stores a piece of the original leather so that we are always equipped to produce additional pieces of furniture of identical quality or undertake any repair or restoration work.