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Our collection

We imparted a new dimension to our art of leather processing and designed an elegant bag collection set to conquer the world of accessories.


A precious jewel

Our aim was to ‘Invent THE bag’. Not just any, but THE bag, an archetype that epitomizes its kind. That’s why our collection thrones with the DS-ANGEL. This glorious masterpiece is 100% sewn by hand and is limited to just 100 pieces.

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DS-ANGEL sabbia

Everybody’s Darling

DS-GRANDEZZA is perfect for women who value an inseparable tandem of style and practicality. The perfectly shaped handbag is your trusted companion as you go through life.

DS-GRANDEZZA bag family

2 x Delight

de Sede / sisters Griesbach
DS-TWINBAG cherry bag

The DS-TWINBAG is aimed at the modern and active woman, one who is spontaneous and requires a versatile bag. Thanks to its innovative design, the bag can be used in three ways

DS-TWINBAG cherry bag DS-TWINBAG cherry

A luxury stowage

With the spacious DS-WEEKENDER, each trip becomes an elegant and relaxing pleasure. It easily fits into the small boot of a Bugatti sports car or under the seat in front of you on a plane, and it improves every travel adventure – generously and casually designed, it journeys with you across the world.


Dinner for three

Whether for business or while out on the town, the DS-CLUTCH gives an outfit a successful touch of elegance. With three sizes, de Sede offers an intelligent triple series to meets every need. The look of all three models is based on the signature Envelope Bag, which is reminiscent of an oversized envelope. An unmistakeable eye-catcher is the teardrop-shaped folded leather and hand-stitched plain seam on the flap.

DS-CLUTCH family - woman

Just 4 men

de Sede / sisters Griesbach
DS-CLUTCH UOMO Topopen detail

A men’s clutch has been seen only on the catwalk or among fashion lovers until now. This is why we chose a very masculine design for the DS-CLUTCH UOMO, allowing us to emphasize the striking style of men.

DS-CLUTCH UOMO cigarro openfront bag detail DS-CLUTCH UOMO cigarro front

de Sede bags

The collection, lovingly crafted in our factory in Klingnau, offers everything that a stylish person could wish for as they stride across the stage of life: a handbag, three different sizes of clutches, a men’s clutch, a practical twin bag, a generous weekender and a diamond-studded luxury bag. The basic shape of each model is simple, as simplicity is beauty. Unique shapes bring out the aesthetic leather. Every model is made from a single piece of leather hide where possible, in order to have as few seams as possible and allow the structure of the leather to speak for itself. Some models in the collection have a distinctive detail: the bag’s flap is so artfully folded that it creates a gentle teardrop shape. In this way, the leather appears to be both tactile and tangible. The seams are also an eye-catcher, embodying the craftsmanship of de Sede; they are added at the Klingnau factory in detail-oriented handwork, and give each model a unique character.

Handcrafted Masterpieces
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