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Facts and figures

de Sede AG is owned by the Volare Group AG and Monika Walser, who has led de Sede since April 2014. Main shareholder of the Volare Group AG is Daniel Sieber.

In addition to the global de Sede brand, the factory in Klingnau also produces furniture for the FSM brand

Around 110 people work for de Sede AG around the world, including 100 in the factory in Klingnau.

de Sede AG produces more than 11,500 pieces of furniture each year, of which 70% is exported and distributed in over 69 countries.

On a production area of 11,000 m2, de Sede AG processes around 70,000 m2 of top-quality leather each year.


1962 Founded by master saddler Ernst Lüthy in Klingnau, Switzerland. His team specialized in custom leather furniture of the highest quality - made with traditional craftsmanship.

1964 First participation at IMM Cologne and first exports

1965 Change from the family company and saddlery Ernst Lüthy to de Sede AG

1968 Expansion of export business to international markets through the targeted acquisition of well-known market player

1973 Expansion of production facility in Klingnau. Development of a production network in Switzerland and Germany

1984 Takeover of company by PCW Group

1993 Management buyout by Hans-Peter Fässler and Bernhard Schüler

2000 Takeover of FSM Frank Sitzmöbel GmbH

2007 Capvis Zürich acquires de Sede AG and integrates the company into the newly created de Sede Group

2012 Liquidation of de Sede Group and takeover of de Sede AG by a group of Swiss private entrepreneurs

2014 Monika Walser takes over management of de Sede AG in April 2014

2015 Sale of Machalke Polsterwerkstätten GmbH in Hochstadt, Germany. de Sede has been owned by the Swiss Volare Group AG since December 2015.

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