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DS-373 is Alfredo Häberli’s homage to de Sede’s fascination with NECK leather. The folds in this five millimetre thick leather are so elegantly arranged that a single bullhide creates an understated, perfectly-formed sofa.

When designing the DS-373, Häberli's primary goal was to develop an understated, stripped-back shape in a way which allowed the unique grain of the NECK leather to highlight the expression of the design. During this process, he focused on the pattern, scaled-down stitching and ergonomics. The model’s form is based on NECK leather’s natural qualities. This leather gives the product its signature expression and forms the basis of the design. Another of the model’s most impressive aspects is the way in which a single piece of leather fits seamlessly across all parts, the back and the seat cushions.

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Type: Natural Nappa leather - Thickness: up to 5 mm
Leather de Sede - DS-Neck Whiskywhisky
Leather de Sede - DS-Neck Cigarrocigarro
Leather de Sede - DS-Neck Parisparis
Leather de Sede - DS-Neck Blackblack