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Celebration DS-600

U. Berger, E. Peduzzi Riva, H. Ulrich, K. Vogt
DS-600 Jubiläum de Sede 50
DS-600 DS600 de Sede deSede desede

Once again, we get to celebrate – and would like to do so together with you on the occasion of a birthday of a special kind: Our DS-600 turns 50 this year!

Not a trace of age or transience. Five decades after its launch, the legendary Element set with its unlimited design possibilities is still highly favored by design-savvy people around the globe; countless special stories, anecdotes and memories are entwined around this cult piece of furniture – certainly yours as well.

As part of Zurich Design Weeks (ZDW), we are celebrating the DS-600 in a shop window converted into a studio at Jelmoli on Zurich's Seidengasse by giving Zurich textile designer Franziska Born an encounter between her airbrush spray gun and the iconic furniture.

DS-600 Video

Live-Act by Franziska Born

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