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Nature retreat

Nature becomes your home

60 years after our manufacturing firm first opened, de Sede is now taking a big step – outdoors, into the open air! The high-quality icons of Swiss craftmanship are now available in weatherproof versions for outdoor use. Nevertheless, we’re standing by our history and tradition: we’ve not developed a special outdoor collection but have transformed our legendary premium indoor furniture into weatherproof sculptures for outdoor use. 

Outdoors is the new indoors

de Sede is bringing the dream of living in the open air to life thanks to first-rate materials and masterful craftsmanship in the areas of construction, fabrics and padding. Our iconic sculptures with character and charm also make life’s dreams come true outdoors, playing the starring role in outdoor living.

We shape free spaces

The sculptures by de Sede stand out for their clear, self-determined design language that bucks all trends: whether inside or out – our furniture remains the same, with the highest standards in terms of materials, our originality and craftsmanship. Our outdoor furniture also helps people to furnish their homes in style and create finished living spaces. 

Living in the open air

Whether outdoors or indoors: de Sede remains de Sede - with the highest standards for the materials used, the originality of the sculptures and the expertise and quality of our master craftsmen.
DS-1025 DS1025 de Sede deSede desede

The power of innovation

Enjoy nature to the fullest. This is possible thanks to cutting-edge technology, living in the open air has become a reality: completely rustproof frames, water-repellent or permeable fabric covers and specially developed padding ensure a new quality standard for outdoor furniture.
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On nature’s stage, de Sede’s outdoor furniture plays the leading role.

Outdoor by de Sede

Six sculptures, six ways to enjoy life outdoors. Whether revolutionary and functional with the DS-164 Slide, flexible with the modular seating system with sliding backrest DS-167 Island, loungey with the hybrid lounger DS-266 Yoga, casual with the daybed DS-80 Memory or classically elegant with the DS-600 Tatzelwurm and the DS-1025 Terrazza − the seating furniture that has characterized timeless, modern indoor living for decades is now available in a precisely unmistakable design with freely selectable fabric covers as outdoor furniture.

DS-164 Slide

The perfect outdoor panoramic view, inspired by nature: The DS-164 can be transformed from an open sofa into an elegant chaise longue in a single movement, while the backrest can be stylishly rotated infinitely by 360°. The modular seat island, presented in organic curves, impresses with its expressive spatial presence and innovative functionality.
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DS-167 Island

The DS-167 brings curves out into the open air: the backrest can be moved to face any direction required around the seat, enabling different outdoor perspectives and views. This modular seating system with its elegant, sculptural body is now available in a fabric-covered outdoor version.
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DS-266 Yoga

A fantastic sculptural hybrid perfectly suited for outdoor use in all weathers: what is surprising about the DS-266 is that it can be transformed from a seat into a comfortable lounger – a slight shift of body weight is enough to bring mind and body into harmony in the open air.
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DS-80 Memory

The DS-80 enables you to dream of a perfect day in the open air: this daybed, which doubles as a lounge sofa, is made of weatherproof wood, while carefully selected high-quality outdoor foam qualities ensure sufficient ventilation and prevent waterlogging. A perfect companion, whether by the pool, on the sun terrace or on the lawn.
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DS-600 Snake

Nicknamed the ‘Tatzelwurm’ after the serpent-like creature of Alpine fables, it was born to live outdoors. The outdoor version of this timelessly elegant modular classic has a multitude of uses thanks to the top-quality waterproof materials – and with permeable or water-repellent fabrics, the DS-600 guarantees you a dry seat.
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DS-1025 Terrazza

A reflection of nature: with their different widths and depths, the individual elements of the DS-1025 are reminiscent of a terrace-like, stepped hillside. That’s why this outdoor version for all weathers is the perfect place to escape from hectic everyday life: to relax, read, sleep, socialise or simply enjoy nature.

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