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Living sustainability

By sustainability we understand the preservation of our homeland, our environment and our traditional craftsmanship as well as to respect and protect our nature in the long term.

To process natural materials so that the final product remains a durable furniture of durability – that's what we strive for!   

Shaping future

Keeping with the mindset of avoiding short-term trends and, in turn, producing products that lose neither their design sense nor their quality, are indispensable cornerstones for living up to the claim that de Sede sculptures will still be tomorrow what they were yesterday – sustainably produced sculptures.   

Loving homeland

Because nature and home are central aspects for us, our upholstered furniture is manufactured exclusively "Made in Switzerland". 

We are aware of our ecological responsibility and strive to shape our current homeland in a future-oriented way for following generations. Therefore, short transport routes, sustainable developments and consistent longevity of products and collaborations are important to us.

Respecting environment

In order to live in harmony with planet earth, the only one we have, for as long as possible, conscious social and ecological action and ongoing responsibility are essential for lasting sustainability. Only the sensitive selection of surfaces and other components for the production of furniture allow us to fulfill our demands for sustainability. Customers have the possibility to select their furniture, to customize it - as it suits them. For this reason, de Sede manufactures exclusively on demand, in order to be able to plan economically at all times. 
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Experiencing leather

For us, leather is the most sensual natural product, whose soft surface our customers feel, experience the fine leather texture and feel homey.

To ensure this, it is important for de Sede that the animals live in a species-appropriate manner before their skin are refined into leather. 

Feeling leather

Leather used for finishing our seating furniture is a by-product of European cattle breeding, which is carried out for food production. 
During leather production, tanners are bound by the highest environmental standards. In addition, de Sede is committed to always being open to other materials and alternatives in order to remain a forward-thinking company.
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Appreciating partners

The relationship with our partners should be fair and long-lasting for both sides. Only the consistent cooperation with our partners guarantees that life can be breathed into a de Sede sculpture. Therefore, selected materials are for de Sede the basis of durable sculptures and essential components for timeless design.
With regard to design and the environment, we already take care during the development of new sculptures and the continuation of new cooperations that the suitable products meet our quality criteria and that the partners commit themselves to a conscious ecological economy. 

Offering variety

Leather is the world of de Sede - but we can do much more! In addition to our exclusive leather qualities, other high-quality materials are available for the individual design of a furniture. Environmental compatibility and sustainability also play an ongoing theme in the selection of these components.
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Supporting employees

Following the guiding principle that only the employees make a company what it is, we pay attention to high safety standards and occupational health and safety. This includes the use and handling of materials that are neither harmful to the environment nor to health. 
We value the efficiency of resources and work processes and encourage our employees to also see this as a social mission for future generations. Talented and motivated employees have a long-term perspective in the company and are always encouraged to become a little better every day.  

Preserving craftsmanship

Always offer the finest, most unique and best upholstery craft - that is the goal of de Sede. Whether producing sculptures of distinctive character and timeless validity or passing on the knowledge of a traditional craft, the special handling of leather as a sustainable natural product obliges.
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Experiencing sculptures

Since our founding in 1965, we have continually created designs that are meant to be not only timelessly beautiful, but enduring for generations. This promise of quality is core to our understanding of balancing precise craftsmanship with natural materials. As a traditional company, we strive to continually improve. 

Each of our upholstered furniture is unique. We do not use large stocks and produce according to the customer's wishes. Thus, we minimize additional costs and do not produce in stock, but manufacture in our manufactory only on confirmed order, which allows us to avoid overproduction. 

Sustainability is more than just a word for us!

It is our promise that we demand the highest standards of craftsmanship from both ourselves and our suppliers, continuously review and think of future generations already in the process of creating our upholstered furniture. For us, timeless design means using resources consciously and sparingly, offering long-lasting products to our customers, and continuously improving our environmental performance to the point of climate neutrality. Sustainability is linked to the awareness that alternatives to conventional leather are also gaining ground; in this respect, de Sede is open to innovations and always strives to meet the best possible quality and long-lasting requirements. As a manufacturer, we want to be a pioneer for a conscious approach to our nature and society. 
Upholstered furniture produced by our master craftsmen is sustainably made for eternity.
A "sofa for a lifetime" - that is a de Sede product.