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Completing the largest construction project in Switzerland calls for dependable partners.

And design, quality, functionality and uniqueness all call for icons of interior design
When full-service partner Zingg-Lamprecht andde Sede, the Klingnau based manufacturer joined forces,
it could only result in a success story because both companies’ flexibility, agility, innovation and dependability ensure that lasting impressions will be made in the multifunctional building complex dubbed “The Circle” at Zurich Airport.
The circle, as the ancient Greek philosopher Plato pointed out,
creates a perfectly round shape that emerges by juxtaposing points that are all equidistant from the center.

This was the idea that guided Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto
when he designed the complex, which links the hub of Zurich Airport with the nature that surrounds it:

the closed-looking façade that faces the airport
echoes the contours of the terminals and opens onto the green area on the other side a structure reminiscent of a medieval city gate.
A s the clients had already placed their faith in architecture of the highest excellence,
the standards to be met were clear and unmistakable:

The interior design of the “Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport” hotel was entrusted to Zingg-Lamprecht,
the leading provider for the development and implementation of unique room and product solutions..

The commissioned interior designer quickly found a connecting element between the design of the buildings and of the furnishings themselves says Anastasia Andritsas of Kalfopoulos Architekten:

“The individual elements of the Tatzelwurm gave me extraordinary creative latitude” – and an opportunity to reflect the shape of the building in the choice of seating group.

Just as the semicircular building winds its way out of the landscape, DS-600 snakes through the lobby of the hotel with its seating elements juxtaposed in the middle of the reception area.

​But before guests from all over the world could take a seat in the multifunctional nonstop sofa, there was absolute determination to find the most convincing offer, the most exhaustive review of all possible versions and the best solution. This, according to Zingg-Lamprecht.

“The combination of form and function seen in DS-600 convinced me”

Anastasia Andritsas, Interior Designer, Kalfopoulos Architekten

CEO Stan Novakovic, is only possible if clients, contractors and suppliers commit to a transparent dialog in search of the best solution – always ready to go the extra mile to get the best possible result:

“The creative minds at de Sede stayed on the ball and understood the complexity of the project as an opportunity to surpass themselves.”
The constant focus on special customer requests, the ability to adapt design icons by de Sede to the standards and surroundings of a property, is a matter of course for Andrew Bryan, the de Sede designer and project manager in charge:

“Every item of furniture that leaves our manufacture is a unique item – created precisely with the customer’s specific use, standards and wishes in mind,” Bryan says.
In the case of “The Circle,” the powerful partners that are needed to pour the big idea at Zurich Airport into a sturdy foundation can be seen in the skill it took to react in a quick and agile way in response to additional requests and unusual suggestions for changes.

From November 2020, the project – which aims to strengthen Zurich Airport as a central magnet – will not just offer an opportunity to organize congresses for up to 2,500 guests directly at the largest Swiss state airport.

Boasting a variety of brand environments, an outpatient healthcare center for University Hospital Zurich, attractive office space as well as offers in art, culture, catering, education and two Hyatt Group hotels, “The Circle” is one of this century’s most challenging projects, setting new standards and demanding the undivided efforts of everyone involved.

​Stan Novakovic: “Constant communication and the ever-innovative pulse of the project managers have a decisive influence on the success of the project. The fact that The Circle’ was ultimately fitted with a DS-600 is the material proof of success that shows how collaboration among equals was put to practice with a typically Swiss eye for perfection.”


“The individual elements of the Tatzelwurm gave me extraordinary creative latitude”

Anastasia Andritsas, Interior Designer, Kalfopoulos Architekten

Numerous concepts by the design teams were realized; ideas about leather and fabrics were visualized, and the completely new fabric-leather variant in 32 elements was transposed into excellent craftsmanship; the shape of the building is reflected in the de Sede sculpture.

The interplay of flexibility and design brought forth an unmistakable composition, a unique item the likes of “The Circle,” referencing the circle that, together with the point and the line, ranks among the oldest elements of geometry.
Made famous by New York’s legendary “Studio 54” and seen in James Bond movies or as among the must-haves in the villas of world famous rock stars, the nonstop DS- 600 sofa is a legendary, snake-shaped seat that even at the Hyatt Regency has not lost any of its originality or radiance and is still characterized by incomparable attention to detail, by the variety of materials used, and by its boundless compositional versatility:
An element that combines it all – just like a circle, this symbol of unity, equilibrium and perfection.

Like a piece of “The Circle” that can only be so unobtrusively clear, so selfassuredly powerful and so lastingly beautiful because all who worked on it were inspired by one thing: making the best come true.


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