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de Sede Craftmen-Team
The ingredients of healthy sleep

We at de Sede also spend a full one-third of our lives asleep – that way, we can be perfectly rested when we satisfy our customers with the utmost attention. Reason enough to devote the greatest energy to looking after the best place to sleep: because every person is unique, the bed mustn’t be mass-produced.

For a restful sleep, we need a bed that is tailored to our own individual needs. A comfort zone that will soften or support wherever necessary. This is why, at de Sede, the proportion of individual materials used in mattress construction varies with the customer’s body build – to create a bed that can compensate human movements during sleep. For a physically and mentally restful sleep, de Sede’s tailored mattress system uses the receptors of our skin as indicators: these specialized sensory organs record sensations such as pain, pressure, cold or heat and transmit these signals to the brain – the body moves accordingly when asleep.
Our mattress technology prevents these signals from being amplified and your sleep from turning fitful. A natural padding made of exquisite materials supports the body’s natural sleeping posture; this way, you become noticeably less tense in your sleep and only wake up when the alarm clock rings.
A de Sede mattress wouldn’t be a Swiss masterpiece if it wasn't perfect for you and your body build. In an individual consultation with a specialized adviser, you can select the level of firmness of the mattress, choosing from among three basic hardness levels. Then, the mattress is individually tailored to your body build and sleeping habits and manufactured as a unique item. Individual integral springs sewn into pockets provide fine-tuned support for your body by distributing forces both horizontally and vertically – the number of springs in combination with the spring type thus determines the level of firmness of the handmade de Sede mattress.
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Material & colors

  • PINE


Upholstery fabric

80% viscose and 20 % linen


Aero-finished and therefore extremely soft to the touch, PINE is made with three tone-in-tone colored yarns. The viscose used in their construction gives them a distinctive shimmer, which deepens according to the light and the perspective of the viewer. PINE is flat-woven and has a subtle striated look.

Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1102 7713-1102
Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1103 7713-1103
Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1101 7713-1101
Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1105 7713-1105
Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1104 7713-1104
Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1108 7713-1108
Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1107 7713-1107
Fabric DS-PINE 7713-1106 7713-1106