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Preserving craftsmanship

Furniture from de Sede can tell stories, they grow on the heart and often accompany you for a lifetime.

In order for the knowledge of creating sculptures to endure, it is necessary to train and educate young people in the traditional craft of upholstery. In order to pass on this knowledge and the eye for detail to future generations in a sustainable way, de Sede continuously trains new master craftsmen.
From the selection of the leather to the precise testing and accurate cutting to the sewing and upholstery - every step of work depends on the utmost perfection. Because no one is born a master, it requires many years of training in the traditions of leather craftsmanship. Moreover, to preserve something means at the same time to pass on the virtues of the craft. For this reason, all our employees commit themselves to a strict code of conduct for the preservation and further development of our traditional craft.

Environmental Policy de Sede (PDF)
Our Code of Conduct (PDF)