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Popular all over the world: the legendary Tatzelwurm DS-600 enchants Australia

He was one of the greats of his guild - Austrian-born architect Harry Seidler made a name for himself in Australia, having penned more than 180 Bauhaus-style buildings.

One of his most famous, the Riverside Centre on Brisbane's waterfront, is quite something: it towers 146 meters into the sky and has shaped the image of the Australian metropolis "Brizzy" Brisbane since its completion in 1986.

What many people don't know: Winding terraces and Urban Landscape Design seating meandering around green spaces break with the Bauhaus style in the exterior and architecturally trace the waves and river courses of the Brisbane River.

Riverside Centre, a business location and landmark in the heart of Brisbane’s prestigious Golden Triangle, provides the backdrop for a productive, successful and pleasant workplace experience.
And inside the Riverside Centre?

There, de Sede's 2018 DS-600 relects the winding courses of the river in the entryway.

The idea of a convex and concave curved sofa impressed those in charge, as its modular seating elements allow the DS-600 to be moved repeatedly into various positions and wave-like arrangements.
If the DS-600 even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest sofa in the world, its modular design makes it ideal for adding a special charm to environments.


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