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Quality as an essence

Facts and figures

de Sede AG is owned by the Volare Group AG and Monika Walser, who has led de Sede since April 2014. Main shareholder of the Volare Group AG is Daniel Sieber.

In addition to the global de Sede brand, the factory in Klingnau also produces furniture for the FSM brand

Around 110 people work for de Sede AG around the world, including 100 in the factory in Klingnau.

de Sede AG produces more than 11,500 pieces of furniture each year, of which 70% is exported and distributed in over 69 countries.

On a production area of 11,000 m2, de Sede AG processes around 70,000 m2 of top-quality leather each year.

Did you know...

...that DS-47 established de Sede’s worldwide reputation?

Presented for the first time at imm in Cologne in 1976, the exhibition hall began to tremble. The rush was on to get a glimpse of DS-47, made with NECK leather up to five millimeters thick was too great – meanwhile, there was so much interest that the stand had to be closed. The experts were beside themselves: up until then, the conventional wisdom was that this kind of thick leather could not be processed to create upholstered furniture.

...that if you enter “strap seam”

into one of the most common Internet search engines, you will always come across de Sede? 

… that agile seating is very easy?

The new DS-5010 folding stool designed by Stuttgart-based designer Simon Busse weighs just 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.). Whether used in a spontaneous morning meeting, an appointment with the customer or a lack of free space in the subway, the new DS-5010 series is an appealing combination of high-quality de Sede leather and sustainable natural materials such as felt. When combined with the folding table to match, working from home is suddenly an option anywhere – agile, lightweight and stylish at the same time.