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When furnishing its lounges around the world, Switzerland’s national airline relies on a calling card of strong character: its claim is one of restraint, style and elegance, and its promise is to deliver the highest in quality.

That is why this leather furniture from Klingnau serves as a perfect ambassador for the Swiss airline and for Switzerland.
The partnership between de Sede and Swiss has become a tradition in the meantime: three generations of seating furniture for the airline’s lounges have already left the manufacture in Klingnau.

That de Sede and Swiss harmonize well is no coincidence: high quality is an element of the self-image of both brands.

The Business, Senator and First Class lounges serve an international, discerning and quality-conscious clientele.
The challenge is to design and produce items of furniture that satisfy the brand promise of Swiss. Seating options in the high-traffic transit areas of various airports, both at home and abroad, have to be genuine all-rounders.

They have to offer high quality and, naturally, comfort. At the same time, the extremely high level of usage each and every day calls for the utmost in durability.

Furniture by de Sede meets these standards; this can be seen in the fact that some of the designs from the first generation in 1970/72 are still in use to this day.
While the aesthetics of the designs reflect the spirit of each age, a feature common to all three generations is their modular structure.

This allows for different constellations that can be adapted to the respective spaces and needs.

This is also true for DS-11, a modular system designed by company founder Ernst Lüthy. The models from 1997, by dai design, are also still in perfect form.

Beginning in 2016, the no-frills and functional design in an industrial look was followed by an emphatically cozy concept by greutmann bolzern designstudio of Zurich.
Built in 1999, the new lounge area on the top floor of the Midfield Terminal (Dock E) of Zurich Airport was divided into several room modules.

The seating furniture in particular contributes to the relaxed coziness of the surroundings. The 14 models of the third generation can be put to different uses, depending on the room constellation.

The variety of add-on elements make it possible to create larger-scale seat islands.

Smaller groups of armchairs are also possible, as are partitioned areas that feature zones with additional privacy.
To underscore the corporate identity of Swiss, the interior designers relied on subtle insignias of “Swissness.”

For instance, the stitched seam of individual armchairs – and by the way, the seam is an unmistakable sign when it comes to quality workmanship – was sewn in red thread.

At the end of the double seam, a tiny, slanted cross signifies the reference to Switzerland. The armchairs in First Class also have inset double seams that resonate with elegance and quality.

Firm foam in the seats ensures a high level of seating comfort. This is an example of de Sede’s great expertise and superb craftsmanship in padding.

The covers are also made for heavy use; the “Select” leather quality is 1.5 millimeters thick and has a pleasant feel.

The lightweight cover protects it while keeping it breathable at the same time. The colors of dark brown and black coordinate well not only with the dark wooden floor but also the built-in fixtures in light oak in the restaurant areas.
To reflect the airline’s attentive yet unobtrusive service, a suggestion by the de Sede design team was accepted, and a discreet yet expressive detail was developed.

The underside of the armchair structure features the Swiss logo: a Swiss cross on a tail fin. That’s what subtle branding looks like.


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