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Our history

de Sede Timeline

In our Timeline in Klingnau, we present our fascinating and unforgettable history. The exhibition, which is 160 square metres large, shows our al most 60-year-old history and presents the most iconic models.
For decades we have been dedicating ourselves to craftsmanship. We manufacture leather in its most beautiful form to elegant and exclusive seating furniture. Legendary models were launched during this period – these and many other historical events of our manufacture are told in the new Timeline which starts in 1962 (even before the founding of the de Sede AG) and ends in the year 2018. Special models can be admired as exhibits. Those include historic rare models, which nowadays are sold at auctions or in exclusive vintage shops at very high prices, as well as icons that have helped to shape de Sede’s success story. The latter are still part of the current de Sede collection.
The oldest exhibit in the Timeline is the model DS-P from 1971, one of the most representative and magnificent models of its time. DS-P captured the market with its honeycomb stitching and down filling. The most expensive model of the exhibition is the lounger DS-150, created by architect Santiago Calatrava in 1986. It presents itself uniquely beautiful and futuristic. The model in the exhibition is the No. 2 of the limited edition consisting of 50 pieces.
In our Timeline in Klingnau, we pay tribute to our extraordinary history with all our revolutionary models and innovations. The exhibition can be visited during working hours on weekdays without prior notice.
We are looking forward to your visit.
We kindly ask you to arrange an appointment by phone, or contact us at the reception for a tour. Thank you very much. 
Tel: +41 56 268 01 11
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm