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  • DS-615


Mario Ferrarini

As leather experts, it is our great passion to experiment with leather as a material. With DS-615, we succeeded in achieving a major accolade as we were able to make the idea of bringing our leather to the table a reality.
The DS-615 table series, which was developed in collaboration with Mario Ferrarini, impresses with its tapered table legs made of high quality leather. DS-ARTISANO was used in this supporting role, a de Sede leather known for its strong, form-giving properties.
A closer look reveals four pieces of leather in the form of a taper joined with a hand-stitched strap seam. A concealed metal construction underneath serves as stable support.
Whether as an exclusive conference table or a tasteful table in a stylish dining room, DS-615 invites to discuss, laugh, converse, eat and meet.

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  • TELA



Core leather


2,4 - 2,6 mm


Strong, firm and durable. The saddle leather is uniquely created by nature with its pattern of pores, grain and surface structure. Its qualities make it suitable for compact seating pieces or backrests as well as smooth surfaces such as bodies and sides.

9511-black black
9577-cigarro cigarro
9538-fango fango
9576-naturale naturale


The surfaces of TELA are coated with mixtures of stone or metal. Due to an intelligent and meticulously designed mix of materials the finished table tops function as a canvas to play on.

metal brass
metal iron
marble carrara
stone coral
stone jade
stone lapislazuli
marble beligan blue
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