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Mario Ferrarini
Conical table leg seeks guests

One of the great passions of our master craftsmen is to experiment with leather as a material, always treading new paths. In the case of DS-615, they deserve all the accolades: they managed to take the idea of bringing our ARTISANO leather to the table and turn this into a reality.

A concealed metal construction serves as a stable support for the table leg, to which four pieces of leather in the form of a cone are applied with a strap seam.
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Material & colors




Core leather


2,4 - 2,6 mm


Strong, firm and durable. The saddle leather is uniquely created by nature with its pattern of pores, grain and surface structure. Its qualities make it suitable for compact seating pieces or backrests as well as smooth surfaces such as bodies and sides.

9576-naturale naturale
9538-fango fango
9577-cigarro cigarro
9511-black black


Thickness 20 mm


Precious, sophisticated materials such as marble, granite and quartz can be processed in all thicknesses and in various surface finishes, individually adapted to any object size. Produced and refined with the latest technologies and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Calacatta Oro
Star Dust
Sahara Noir
Rosso Lepanto
Verde Guatemala
Green Botanic
Beola (indoor / semi-outdoor)
Labrador Antique (indoor / semi-outdoor)


DS-615 sculpture (PDF)