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Feeling leather

In our manufactory, responsibility is as much a part of working with needle and thread as the awareness of working with an animal natural product. The most important requirements for de Sede leather are therefore that it must hardly show any damage - and that no animal had to die for a de Sede furniture.The manufactory de Sede is aware of the origin of the leather and emphasizes that each cowhide is processed and refined as a residual product of the food industry.
The selection of the raw material leather takes place under strict international regulations. We process exclusively cowhides, which preferably come from Switzerland, Southern Germany and Scandinavia and are dyed exclusively in the highest technical tanning processes. In order to meet these requirements, the finishing takes place only in European tanneries, which produce free of solvents in aqueous systems.
Both the fully automatic leather cutting and the direct further processing take place in the manufactory - this optimizes production chains ecologically and further minimizes the environmental impact by eliminating transport costs. Furthermore, the leftovers from leather cutting can be reused in elaborate designs (e.g. patchwork) or fed into other value chains. The so-called upcycling is an integral part of the production process of leather furniture manufacturing at de Sede.​

leather fibula    (PDF)