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Our leather care products

General Care

de Sede leather contains valuable natural fats and impregnating substances that withstand dirt and water. Nevertheless, it still requires regular and proper treatment. The general instructions below should always be followed.

Avoid strong sunlight and other direct light.
Direct sources of light can cause the colour of leather to fade. This should be kept in mind when choosing where to position your furniture.

Use the correct de Sede care products.
Never use solvents such as stain removers, turpentine or petrol as cleaning agents. Do not use shoe cream or wax polish for care purposes. To clean and care for your furniture correctly, we recommend using the de Sede Leather Care Set, which has been specially developed for treating de Sede leather.

Test for suitability on a concealed spot first.
Before using a cleanser or care product, you should try it out on an area of the furniture that is concealed from view. Never apply the product directly to the leather; first put a little on a clean, soft cloth and apply it to the leather in a gentle sweeping motion over a large area, from seam to seam. Do not press too hard. If the cloth becomes coloured with the leather dye rather than with dirt, the product is unsuitable. Cleaning should always be done over a large area and never just in small spots. Always follow the instructions provided by the maker of the product.

Dust regularly.
Use a soft, slightly damp cotton cloth to dust the whole item of furniture on a regular basis. If hard water is used, it should first be boiled, or distilled water should be used to avoid scale marks. Important: do not use microfibre cleaning cloths!

Special leather care

As a general rule: the more recent the stain, the easier it is to remove. If furniture becomes very dirty, you should procure the services of a specialist. If you wish to clean the furniture yourself, you should comply with the following instructions:


Cleaning: Use the de Sede Leather Care Set 2-3 times a year to clean and care for your furniture.

Artisano: Clean only with a slightly damp sponge or cloth. Use Leather Cream for maintenance. Leather Soft Cleaner is not suitable for Artisano leather!

1. Cleaning with Leather Soft Cleaner
Shake bottle before use. Apply Leather Soft Cleaner to the enclosed sponge and squeeze the sponge several times to create a lather. Gently rub the surface of the leather to clean, working from seam to seam. Wait until the leather is completely dry before treating the furniture with Leather Cream. Leather Soft Cleaner was developed for all types of smooth leathers. For leathers not from de Sede, test for suitability on a concealed area. Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

2. Treating with Leather Cream
Leather Cream puts moisture back into leather, making it soft and supple and enhancing its colour. Leather Cream should be used after upholstery has been cleaned with Leather Soft Cleaner (allow leather to dry completely before applying). Shake bottle and pour Leather Cream onto the enclosed cloth (never directly on the leather) and work it into the cloth. Apply the cream to the leather in wide circular sweeping motions from seam to seam without rubbing too excessively. For leathers not from de Sede, test for suitability on a concealed area. Caution: Keep out of reach of children.

Removing stains caused by liquids

Soak up the liquid from the surface immediately with absorbent paper or cloth. Allow to dry, do not rub.


1.5 - 1.7 mm thick natural nappa leather, exceptionally soft and supple with a silky touch. All the positive natural properties are preserved.

NATURALE is a leather that lives and breathes. Through touch and light, the leather changes over time. It develops a patina typical of fine leather. The unsealed NATURALE leather may show slight differences in colour intensity, which highlight the natural character of the leather. The natural properties of the processed animal hide such as the characteristic skin creases become visible and accentuate the natural and elegant surface. These make every hide unique. Natural marks do not diminish the quality of the leather, but heighten its individuality.

Cleaning and care:

1. First clean and moisten the surface with distilled water and allow the surface to dry.

2. For heavily soiled surfaces or scratches, use the NATURALE cleaning sponge. Rub the leather in one direction applying gentle pressure and clean the entire surface from seam to seam.

3. Now rub down the surface with a towel (to remove fine dust particles).

Remove spilt liquid immediately with an absorbent towel. Liquid or greasy substances that have already soaked into the surface usually disappear with time. If the NATURALE leather sponge wears out, simply cut off damaged portions to restore it to a usable state. Always use the sponge dry, never moist or wet! Please note that the NATURALE leather sponge is suitable only for de Sede NATURALE leather quality. Never use it on other leather types.

Attention: Do not use care products containing wax or grease on NATURALE leather.

For ink and other stains, always consult an expert.

Important notice:

In case of doubt or if you have an questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for assistance.

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