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1. The armchair seat shell is extended to pelvic height. This ensures an ergonomic sitting posture.

2. If you lean backwards, only the upper part of the backrest moves backwards. This provides gentle support to the spine, and the chest opens automatically. This creates a liberating seating comfort.

3. In addition to the backrest, the seat shell automatically tilts backwards to achieve an even better lying and relaxing position. This innovative movement mechanism is patented.


Design by
de Sede Design-Team
Bart Van der Heyden

A designer armchair that moves with the person seated The DS-343 wing chair not only marks a simple design object’s arrival in the living space; it also creates a completely new culture of sitting. DS-343 is based on a patented seat study developed over the last two decades by seat expert and physical therapist Bart Van der Heyden.
DS-343 is an armchair that moves with the movements of the person seated. Its mantra is to permit and even encourage changes in posture. The chair is not constructed with a classic seating surface that stops at the backrest; instead, it extends up to the height of the pelvis. If one leans backwards, the backrest element, from pelvic height on up, automatically moves along with the user – without any mechanical effort, and solely as a result of the change in the posture of the person seated. The changed backrest position automatically leads to improved posture. This is how the DS-343 offers extraordinarily active and pleasant seating comfort in the long term.
And the design is equal to this intelligent seating concept: the silhouette of the wing chair is defined by the skillful folding of the leather. Dimensionally stable NECK leather in thicknesses of up to 5 mm is processed with such finesse that it cascades continuously over the edges – for an incomparable leather experience. 

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Leather & colors

  • NECK



Natural Nappa leather


up to 5 mm


An innate natural quality with an incomparably distinctive, even rustic, aura; it is a true eye-catcher – simply incomparable. A cover made from NECK requires an entire section of hide for each back, side and seating element. When joined, it creates a so-called optical stitch seam: a piece of art from de Sede craftspeople that requires unsurpassed skill.

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